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My name is Austin Gould and I'm a Digital Media Marketing Professional

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Hi, my name is Austin and I'm a 26-year old marketing consultant who has been working with digital technology for the past 9 years.

I attended the Unversity of California, Santa Barbara from 2009 - 2013 where I studied Film and Media Studies, and Economics. During those 4 years I also worked for UC Television as an Associate Producer Director, where we recorded all sorts of global icons from Kobe Bryant to Shuji Nakamura, the inventor of the blue LED. I handled UCTV's content production from pre to post, while also developing my skills in the field of digital marketing and web development.

In 2012 I began interning for local technology companies including Workbook and SCV Hometown Web Design. I finished my studies and immediately began managing Dripbook.com, a portfolio website for creative professionals including photographers, illustrators, makeup artists, fashion stylists and more. I conduct all aspects of the website from technical support, to email marketing, social media, product development, and content production. I was promoted after 2 years to manage the digital marketing for Dripbook's parent company Workbook and all of their subsidiary brands. I currently take night classes twice a week at UC Irvine where I am pursuing a part time MBA.

I've spent many years lending my technical expertise to other businesses both big and small. What can I help you accomplish today?



E-mail Marketing

I've composed HTML5 e-mail promos once a month sent out to over 36,000 advertising and creative industry professionals. Using Campaign Monitor and personalized versions, I've been able to deliver high open rates and drive traffic to our website.


SEO + Adwords

I've created keyword bidding and remarketing campaigns on Adwords for over 3 brands. I've also driven SEO in other ways, including social media marketing, gathering Google Plus reviews, and link-sharing with relevant industry websites. This particular article is an example of when I used link-sharing to increase SEO.


Strategic Analysis

Online advertising means nothing if one can't effectively gauge their ROI. This project is an example of when I conducted market research that doubled as a marketing campaign. In my current MBA studies, I am quickly learning more important and official strategic business approaches on a weekly basis.


Custom Websites

Sazé is my line of pet clothing that recently launched. The website is still a work in progress, but nonetheless demostrates my ability to assemble the nuts and bolts of an online store. While web design isn't my primary skill, I have taken many classes and am competent with building and editing websites via HTML + CSS.


Online Ad Placement

From large distrubuted networks like Facebook and Google, to smaller relevant industry websites, I have experience in designing ad creative and copy, and organizing campaigns. This is just an example of an ad I created for Facebook promoting success stories on Dripbook. After clicking the link to view this project, watch the URL and notice the redirect used for tracking links through our own CRM system.

ucc article

Blog Writing

Writing has always been one of my stronger suits, which is why I would be happy to contribute original content to any publication. This project is an article I wrote for University College Cork, based in Cork, Ireland.


Austin Gould



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